“Voluntad Popular” (VP) Leader Resigns: Venezuela is Not Prepared for What I Have to Say About VP

On her Twitter account, the leader of Voluntad Popular and president of the “Juntos se Puede” Foundation, Ana Karina García, published the reasons that led her to resign from the Popular Will (VP) party, founded by Leopoldo López and also, the political party of deputy Juan Guaidó.

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“There are many events that occurred, the information that I had access to and things that I saw that happened in front of me, which is why I withdraw from VP (…) I think that the country is not prepared to listen to these reasons, to feel and to live what touched me, being just 28 years old, that is why today I decide to remain silent, the story will give me the opportunity to tell it later, ” could be read in part of the statement published this Sunday, June 7.

Some users criticized her position of not disclosing the facts that she saw during her time at VP , “if you keep quiet, Venezuela will continue to support the corrupt and accomplices” user @JCQuinteroR wrote.


Featured image: VP deputy Luis Stefanelli flanked by Ana Karina Garcia and Juan Guaido in 2018. File image.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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