War of Tweets Within the Anti-Chavista Millennials: Betrayal and Deception Uncovered

Once again Twitter was transformed into a boxing ring, a platform increasingly used by different sectors of antichavismo to publicly expose their differences.

In this opportunity, the confrontation was carried out by the “Voluntad Popular” (Guaido’s political party) militant Yon Goicoechea, and the organizer of the extreme right front “Rumbo Libertad”, Eduardo Bittar.

Yon Goicoechea gave the first punch assuring that Bittar left Venezuela “to avoid going to prison”, accusing him of attacking Guaidó’s inner circle and feeling superior to him. This was said in the wake of the criticism made by Bittar after the release from jail of another, also militant, from “Voluntad Popular”, Gilber Caro.

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An exalted Bittar responded instantly. He said that it was a lie that he had fled from Venezuela, blaming his “exile” on another “Voluntad Popular” militant, Armando Armas. “I did not run away from Venezuela, I went to a meeting and then they issued an arrest warrant because Armando Armas, a deputy from your VP party, told Sebin (Venezuelan Intelligence) and the street that I was “creating chaos and organizing the guarimba,” Bittar said, pointing out the treason and the deception of which he would have been a victim.

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Although Yon Goicoechea tried to cool the confrontation by not responding, Bittar continued. “I accuse Yon Goicoechea of being ‘socialist’ and of having ’21 years representing and directing idiocy”‘. With respect to the second we should concede to Bittar, but accusing Yon Goicoechea of being “socialist”, a notable juvenile laureate years ago with a prize of 500 thousand dollars from the Milton Friedman Foundation, represents a low blow.

It seems that the scandal uncovered by PanAm Post was the straw that broke the camel’s back, as these digital wars between militants and leading cadres of anti-Chavismo are gaining more and more space in social networks.

Fractures and wars are not only developed in the ruling leadership of the opposition, also in its “millennial generation”.

Source URL: Mision Verdad

Translated by JRE/EF



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