We are Officially Launching Orinoco Tribune Today

We have been working tirelessly for the last few weeks to have a website with the right amount of content and as curated as posible.

We want to open a window for opinion pieces and news about Venezuela that most of the time get lost in “non-translations”. To provide a more realistic approach to Venezuelan debates and day to day news, always from a progressive perspective. We are working to do that also by offering a stream of news and opinion pieces about world issues that most of the times are connected directly or indirectly with Venezuela.

We have been translating a lot lately and we are sure that eventually we are going to start creating our own content. But this requires a lot of effort, time and a bigger team.

Today, Friday, December 28th will be our official launch day and we want you to help us reach more people by spreading the word but most importantly using social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You just have to SHARE and LIKE the pieces that you enjoy the most on a regular basis and by doing that you are helping us reach a broader audience which is our main objective right now.

We are still trying to solve some technical limitations, for example the main photo slider in the front page of our website is still something that needs fixing, so if you are a tech person and want to help please do not hesitate to contact us to give us your advice on how to fix that.

If you think there are things of any kind that can be improved, like organization of content, the content itself, translations, design, technical, social media or other issues, please let us know!

We deliberately choose to have opinion pieces and news together within each category of information but at the same time we have them separated in the main menu. Another nice tool is the calendar in the home page that allows you to reach our posts from any given date.

We want you to give us your input to make us grow and improve. We will take any constructive advice and criticism. We are always going to love any contribution in terms of translations, content, social media management, technical issues, so any help in this sense will be highly appreciated.

In terms of content we of course never plan to open a space for those calling for “regime change” neither in Venezuela nor anywhere else. We eventually might commit mistakes and we are always going to be open to rectify if you let us know there is a problem in our content. Of course, your opinion will be always contrasted with our teams opinion.

We invite you to follow us and join our newsletter, to follow us on social media and to share and like the pieces that you enjoy the most!

Welcome to OrinocoTribune.com




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