3.4 Million People have Responded to a New Survey in the Patria System on the Pandemic Amid Website Access Complaints: Here Are the Results

The Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, reported this Friday night that 3,412,051 people have answered the survey published on the Homeland System ( www.patria.org.ve ) on the situation of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) just a few hours after it went live online. In a telephone interview broadcasted by Venezolana de Televisión, the head of state said that its results demonstrate the awareness of the Venezuelan people in the face of the new reality caused by the pandemic, with 318 registered confirmed cases in the country as of today.

Some users of the Patria system complained about their problems getting into the platform to fill out the survey due to a message of activity overload on Friday night and most of Saturday.

Screenshot at 19-26-49
Message displayed by the Patria website when users try to enter and fill out the new survey. Orinoco Tribune

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Among other results, he highlighted:

  • 98.6% of people answered that they do not know any citizen infected with coronavirus.
  • 1.4% do know a person infected.
  • 91% assured that they have not had contact with infected people.

On prevention and personal protection measures:

  • 98% indicated that they wear masks
  • 98% wash their hands
  • 98% avoid crowds
  • 97% eliminated greetings with kisses and hugs
  • 96% canceled or postponed out-of-town trips
  • 96% postponed celebrations
  • 78% use alcohol to disinfect
  • 72% wear gloves when leaving home
  • 36% use face masks inside the home

When asked about the services/issues that require the most attention, respondents could vote for up to three types according to their relevance:

  • 88% in food
  • 61% water
  • 49% prices
  • 46% domestic gas
  • 27% gasoline
  • 13% electricity
  • 6% internet
  • 6% public transport

Regarding the perception of the population about the health risk of the new coronavirus:

  • 30% think it is life threatening
  • 26% say it is high risk
  • 32% expressed concern
  • 11% do not think it will spread
  • 1% said it is a mild virus

On the activities that are carried out the most at home:

  • 94% say they cook, clean, do repairs and maintenance
  • 89% rest, read, listen to music, watch television and play
  • 87% family sharing
  • 45% do exercises
  • 31% work remotely
  • 30% study online

When asked about their way of seeing the future after the pandemic:

  • 66% say the pandemic is going to retreat, we are going to recover
  • 21% say they are optimistic
  • 12% think it will take a long time for it to happen
  • 1% I’m pessimistic

These results translate into 87% optimistic responses from the public.

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The Patria system also asked about sleep habits, which:

  • 52% answered that they sleep normally
  • 11% sleep more
  • 15% rest the same hours of sleep but at different times
  • 22% sleep less.

When respondents were asked if they know where to go if symptoms of Covid-19 present themselves:

  • 86% know where to go
  • 14% don’t know

On that question:

  • 27% answered that they would go to a sentinel hospital (those designated to deal with the pandemic)
  • 24% to a regular hospital
  • 48% to a Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI)
  • 1% to a private clinic.

“People know where we stand, the daily difficulty, the total change of normal life, the change of all parameters. We are on the right path and we are going to get out of this,” said the president.

He added that this survey shows that the values of respect for life and health, by Venezuelans, have been reinforced during the social quarantine implemented since last March 16, to prevent massive infections in the country.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad with OT content

Translated and edited by JRE/EF



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