393 New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Venezuela on Saturday (3 Deaths)

Venezuelan authorities reported 393 new COVID-19 cases in the Caribbean country for Saturday, November 7. Three new deaths were also reported.

Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, head of the Venezuelan presidential commission for COVID-19, posted the information on her Twitter account. She explained that out of the 393 new cases fifty-eight are imported cases, leaving the total for community transmission at 335 cases.

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The imported cases refer to fifty cases originating from Colombia, four from Ecuador, three from Peru and one from Uruguay. Twenty of these imported cases are minors, thirty-five are males and twenty-four females.

On the number of deaths, she specified that two are from Tachira state, both males, aged fifty-seven and thirty-one years old. The final death was of a seventy-one year-old woman from Carabobo state.

Most of the new cases were registered in Merida state (ninety-nine), followed by the states of Lara (fifty-five), Barinas (forty-four) and Miranda, with forty-one cases.

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Thirty-Three Weeks under Quarantine

The total number of COVID-19 cases reported in Venezuela during the last 237 days of quarantine has reached 98,698 when the new 393 cases are added.

95% of the cases have recovered, meaning 89,502 patients, and more than 98% of them have been treated for free in the Venezuelan national health care system. Currently there are 4,372 patients receiving medical care, 3,057 in public hospitals, 1,244 in CDI’s and forty-one in private hospitals.

The total number of deceased patients reached 824 since the first death was reported on March 26.


-Orinoco Tribune Editorial Staff

Featured image: Last Sunday  Nov 1st, churches reopened for the first time in Venezuela since March. Photo courtesy of Noticias24Carabobo.


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