Ambassador Moncada Labels Bolivian Catholic Hierarchy as Manipulators

The Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Samuel Moncada, on Monday classified the Catholic Hierarchy in Bolivia as manipulators, who have dedicated themselves to ignoring the popular vote and to supporting a “band of fascists who assaulted authority in 2019.”

“Today the hierarchy joins the coup groups that will never accept democracy. It is the theology of colonialism,” Moncada declared through his social media networks.

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In addition the diplomat repudiated the Catholic Church’s use of religious fanaticism to manipulate its followers when its promises clash with reality. “In Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil and the US, for example, fascist groups present their adversaries as enemies of God,” he said, adding that this is a direct path to violence.

For several days a possible coup d’état in Bolivia has been orchestrated, which has not been able to be executed, said Moncada in another of his messages, where he also reflects on the use of the same strategy to destabilize Venezuela .

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“The fascist groups believe that it is time, and they’re at the gates of the military barracks asking them to use weapons against the democratic will of the people,” the diplomat stressed.

It should be noted that the President-Elect of Bolivia, Luis Arce of MAS, won the elections of November 18 with 55.1% of the vote, a fact that, due to the overwhelming majority, was recognized by the de facto and self-proclaimed government of Jeanine Áñez and by other opposition leaders, as well as by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and accompanying international organizations.


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