Anti-Chavista Economist Accuses Guaido of Blocking Humanitarian Gasoline Coming in Iranian Tankers

The Venezuelan economist based in New York, Francisco Rodríguez, an opponent of the Bolivarian Revolution, responded flatly to the deputy of the Popular Will, Armando Armas, who justified US threats against Iranian tankers bringing gasoline to Venezuela.

US sanctions have deepened in recent months making it more complicated for Venezuela to buy parts for refinery repairs, and chemicals required to produce gasoline. This has created an acute gasoline shortage that is affecting many Venezuelans.

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According to Armas, receiving the fuel makes Venezuela a “sponsor of terrorism.” However, the Harvard economist replied –through a Twitter message- that “their argument would have more force if they had not prohibited the sale of US gasoline to Venezuela, if they had not threatened to sanction European companies for bringing gasoline to Venezuela and if they had not refused to send Citgo gasoline to Venezuela.”

The response by the right wing deputy was a sort of comparison of Iran with drug cartels: “I imagine that some might feel amazed by receiving humanitarian aid from the ‘Chapo Guzman Fundation’,” he responded forgeting the connection of the Venezuelan opposition with drug cartels in Colombia and with the DEA, the world’s main drug traffickers.

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Likewise, Rodríguez tweeted “someone explain to me what is the difference between blocking the delivery of humanitarian aid and blocking the delivery of gasoline,” referring to this situation.

Five tankers loaded with gasoline from Iran are due to arrive in the country in early June bringing gasoline to ease the shortages and buying time to receive chemicals to produce gasoline in Venezuela while repairing Venezuelan main refineries.

Featured image: Venezuelan Navy will be ready to counter any US aggression. File photo.

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Translated by JRE/EF