Anti-Chavista Henri Falcón Rejects Call for Abstention by the Venezuelan Right

The leader of Avanzada Progresiva, Henri Falcón, rejected the statement issued by 27 opposition political parties, in which they ruled out participating in the parliamentary elections on December 6.

He assured that not going to the polls, to renew the National Assembly (AN), “would be playing the game of abstention with the government and in the end ” Falcón described the position as “riding in the dark ” Instead he stressed that Venezuelans are the ones who must defend the vote with their participation.

He noted that 65% of the parties that signed the statement “do not exist, are fictitious or are not activated.” He also added that the abstentionist position is an “improvised and childish path”, and is not a viable proposal, but instead seeks to “atomize” the opposition.

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“That is the path of nothingness, a fantasy that we have traveled for at least 18 months,” he said in an interview with a national media outlet.

In this regard, he indicated that withdrawing from the democratic scene has resulted in failures and ill-conceived strategies that “create unbelievable expectations” among the opposition.

Likewise, he stressed that the sectors of the right must reformulate their approaches and summon the forces to regroup. He believes that after “accumulating forces” they can define a real plan to gain space, “only through democratic and electoral channels.”

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Last Sunday, a group of right-wing political parties and organizations announced that they will not participate in the 6-D elections. Among the signatories are politicians who claim to represent parties like Acción Democrática (AD), despite being suspended by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) at the request of their militants, reports AVN.

The argument is that, supposedly, “the government ended the possibility of having any type of free and competitive election.” However, the dialogue between the opposition and the National Executive has allowed, among other things, the renewal of the directive of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

This aspect was in great demand by the opposition in recent years as a guarantee of transparency. The document was signed by the Pencil Alliance; Red flag; Walk; Citizen Meeting; The Cause R; Venezuela Project, among other organizations.

Acción Democrática, Primero Justicia y Voluntad Popular have ad hoc boards appointed by judgment of the TSJ.

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