Chancellor Arreaza Expressed his Solidarity with Former Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba After Assassination Attempt

Venezuelan Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, empathized with the former Colombian senator and defender of Human Rights, Piedad Cordoba, after making public the news of a new assault against her, on Tuesday night, September 28.

In the opinion of the Venezuelan top diplomat, “once again, everything points to an assassination attempt” and the Colombian State, “once again,” carried out investigations after the incident in “record time” to report that there would be no “political motivations.”

It is not the first time that the leader has suffered this kind of “attacks”. As she shared on her Twitter account, in 2019, alleged “robbers” broke into her home -once in Bogotá and once in Medellín- and the justice said on both occasions that it was “a robbery.”

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“There are only two options, or the robbers walk with my photo, or we are not talking about ‘robberies’ “, questioned Córdoba.

In this regard, Arreaza pointed out that “Colombia does not deserve more violence or more impunity.


Local media reported that unknown people fired at the armored vehicle assigned to the security of the former senator and former presidential candidate, who has denounced the recent acts of police brutality committed against the civilian population in Colombia.

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According to the information, Piedad Córdoba, who has received death threats, was not in that vehicle at the time of the attack, so she is safe.

The Ministry of the Interior indicated hours later that the incident was an attempted robbery, while the National Police indicated that at least one of the alleged perpetrators was captured.

“It was an attempted robbery. And (the assailants) were captured by the police,” Colombian Interior Deputy Minister Daniel Palacios told a local newspaper.

The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, wrote on her Twitter account: “A hug to former Senator Piedad Córdoba. Bogotá police captured one of the criminals who attempted to rob her team of escorts. They are safe and Piedad too. We will thoroughly investigate the motives of the criminals and bring them to justice.”

However, Senator Juan Luis Castro Córdoba, son of Piedad Córdoba, asserted: “In my family we have already gone through enough attacks, the method always the same: false positives, threats, they put security schemes to the test and at the end they carry out some act that puts our lives at risk. No more attacks on the opposition! ”.


Featured image: Photo courtesy of Diario Vea.

(La IguanaTV and Correo del Orinoco)

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