Chavista Chronicles from Caracas with Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza (Episode 06)

In this episode of Chavista Chronicles from Caracas, we highlight the more relevant events happening in Venezuela this week – the Venezuelan economic crisis, analysis on current chavista spirit, RastrojosGate and a brief international analysis on Bolivia, Hong Kong and Colombia as a US proxy.

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  • Economy
    • Inflation
    • Dollar up and down but prices only go up.
    • Patria Subsidies
    • Boycotts (Eggs)
  • Chavista spirit:
    • High spirit in front of US aggresion
    • Tired of lack of strong hand against Guaido and his gang and by lack of action in terms of improving access to food, increasing wages or countering retailers
  • Rastrojos Gate
    • Photos have created a bigger crisis in Colombia instead of Venezuela
    • It is very important to clearly describe how Rastrojos (Paramilitary) operates. They are a terror organization and they implemented what Colombians call “Casas de corte” (just google it).

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  • It’s important to highlight that Venezuelan authorities have denounced this since February, and that by the end of March the leader of Rastrojos, Wilfredo Torres Gomez, was captured in Venezuela thanks to information provided by Roberto Marrero (former Guaido’s chief of staff) captured by Venezuelan law enforcement agencies by mid March.
  • A lot of statements from the Venezuelan side but AGAIN not too much action against Guaido.
  • International
    • We have to pay attention to Bolivia and not let liberals or purist marxists stop defending Evo Morales and Bolivia from an evident new campaign similar to guarimbas in Venezuela or protests in Hong Kong and Nicaragua. WE NEED TO ACT FAST.
    • Guyana-Colombia axis for US proxy war on Venezuela. The case of the false positive launched by Colombia’s President against Maduro and linking him with the new FARC-EP uprising, looking to set up the conditions for a Colombian military operation in Venezuela.

We hope to see you next week.


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