Ernesto Samper To Duque: Protect the Lives of Colombia’s Social Leaders

Former Colombian President Ernesto Samper asked the regime led by Ivan Duque to guarantee the life and safety of the social leaders of that nation, since so far in 2020, 14 leaders have been killed.

Through a message posted on his Twitter account, Samper said that this should be one of Duque’s priorities.

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“Protecting the lives of social leaders and human rights defenders should be the number one priority of the government. It is imperative that the respective risk studies be done and all measures taken so that not one more dies. It is the only way towards a peaceful country”, was the tweet published by the ex-president.

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So far this year Carlos Cardona (Antioquia), Cristian David Caicedo (Cauca), Gloria Ocampo ( Putumayo ), Virginia Silva Paez (Cauca), Carlos Alonso Quintero (Putumayo) and Emilio Campaña (Putumayo) have been killed.

This macabre list also includes Mireya Hernández Guevara (Huila), Anuar Rojas Isaramá (Chocó), Óscar Quinter (Putumayo), Gentil Hernandez (Putumayo), Amparo Guegía (Cauca), Juan Pablo Guejia (Cauca), Jhon Freddy Álvarez (Huila), in addition to Benjamín Banguera González, demobilized from the Farc-EP, who was killed in Cauca.

Featured image: Indigenous Guardia attends the funeral of Gersaín Yatacué who was assassinated on August 1 in Caloto, Cauca. The banner reads: “They are killing us”. Photo: Twitter/Peoples Dispatch

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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