Facebook To Allocate $5 Million to Finance ‘Independent Journalism’

Facebook recently announced that it will develop a platform for “freelance journalists and writers” to help them publish their articles and reach their target audience. It will also be possible for journalists to monetize their work by creating a subscription service and sending out personalized newsletters.

In the beginning, $5 million will be allocated to “pay local independent journalists in the United States.” Through contracts with these journalists, the platform would allow them to develop their careers on Facebook, attract the audience and be able to live on this income.

The platform will be open to any journalist who declares themselves independent, but in the first phase priority will be given to those whose objective is to produce information directed at ethnic minorities. Facebook argues that these professionals “are often the only voice that covers a particular community.”

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Facebook has had its eye on global affairs for some time, has created programs and initiatives to rub shoulders with countries and multilateral organizations, but with the intention of surpassing them.

Under the guise of “independent media,” the United States government has financed media mercenaries to propagandize against foreign governments and political figures that the White House considers its adversaries. This was witnessed directly when in 2019 Elliott Abrams confirmed that “a good amount of money” had been given to Juan Guaidó and his entourage.

USAID, for example, gave $52 million to the Venezuelan opposition to finance “independent media,” among other sectors.

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Therefore, the announcement by Facebook of recruiting supposedly freelance journalists cannot be seen as an isolated incident. Much less when on the other side of the coin we observe the censorship of political positions that do not pay tribute to the interests of the multinational corporation.


Featured Image: What disinformation operations will the “independent journalists” recruited by Facebook launch? Photo: Imago-Images.

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Translation: Orinoco Tribune



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