“Failure of Trump’s Colonial Adventure”: UN Countries Reiterate Maduro’s Legitimacy

“Today the UN General Assembly recognized the Government of President Nicolás Maduro as the sole and legitimate representative of Venezuela,” reported the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic to the UN, Samuel Moncada. Maduro’s term ends in 2025.

“This represents the failure of Trump’s colonial adventure and a victory for the sovereignty and independence of Venezuela,” the diplomat Tweeted on his account @SMoncada_VEN.

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This is not the first time the United Nations exercised its wisdom interpreting the international law and rejecting pressure from powerful countries like the United States that violate international law to achieve their regime-change goals.

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The Assembly of 193 nations of the international community rejected the US practice of imposing authorities and diplomatic representatives of other states against the will of their peoples.

“It is a victory for the UN Charter and international law,” declared Moncada.


Featured image: Photo courtesy of UN Photo/Loey Felipe.

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