FANB Will Neutralize Any Drug Trafficking Aircraft Entering Venezuela

Major General Domingo Hernández Lárez, commander of the Operational Strategic Command of the FANB, said that the Bolivarian Military Aviation (AMB) and the Comprehensive Aerospace Defense Command (CODAI) work tirelessly to neutralize any Colombian terrorist groups and drug traffickers who try to use Venezuela’s airspace for illicit operations.

Through a post on his Twitter account @dhernandezlarez, Hernández Lárez emphasized that any aircraft used by criminal groups and coming into Venezuelan territory from the neighboring country Colombia will be neutralized by the men and women of the FANB.

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“Our glorious AMB and CODAI fight on a daily basis, with courage and without rest, against the TANCOL who are obstinate in using sovereign Venezuelan airspace to transfer their narcotics from Colombia,” wrote Hernández Lárez in his tweet. “One by one they will be shot down and neutralized! Venezuela should be respected!”



Featured image: The Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) guards the frontier with Colombia. File photo.

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