Hidrocapital: Water Service is Recovered in Some Parishes of Caracas and Vargas

Hidrocapital, a Venezuelan state company in charge of supplying drinking water, reported Monday at noon, on its account in the Twitter social network, some sectors of the Libertador municipality and the state of Vargas are beginning to receive potable water service, which continues its recovery after the attacks received last week to the National Electric System. Likewise, operations are being restored in the Taguaza system, in order to activate the service in Guarenas and Guatire.

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This is a list of the places where the service has been reactivated by 2 pm on Monday, according to the Hidrocapital Twitter account:

  • Sectors of the Metropolitan Aqueduct with potable water service in recovery (Libertador municipality):
    • Macarao Parish: Matadero Caracas, Puerta Verde, United Neighborhood, La California, Agua China part: low and medium, Macarao, Santa Cruz, Las Adjuntas, Kennedy, Kennedy Terraces
    • San Pedro Parish : Andres Bello, El Matadero, El Paisa, La Florida Parte Alta
    • Tácata Parish: El Marquez, Quinta Crespo.
  • Sectors of the Vargas Aqueduct with potable water service
    • East Zone of Vargas : Caribbean, OPPPE 26, Los Corales, Los Tres Reyes, Sheraton, El Collao (12th street), Blanquita de Pérez, Las Casitas, Quebrada Seca, located in the upper part of Caraballeda.
    • West Zone of Vargas : Puerto Carayaca, Las Salinas, La Candelaria, Taguao, Picure, La Iguana, Las Tunitas, San Remo, Las Angustias and César Nieves, located in the lower part of Catia la Mar.
  • Guarenas and Guatire: Hidrocapital informed this morning that “after attacks on the National Electric System, operations of the Taguaza System are restored. The water service will be progressively established in sectors of the low and medium network of the Guarenas-Guatire Aqueduct, which depend on this source “.

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On the other hand, the Minister of Attention to Water, Evelyn Vásquez, assured the public, on Monday morning, in an interview with Radio Miraflores, that the service will be restored in the next hours since it is in the phase of energization and stabilization, a stage previous to normal restoration.

She explained that “we are working day and night to restore the service as soon as possible. At this time we are already in energization protocol, to progressively in the following hours restore the service in the different areas”.


Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/EF