Incident in the Simon Bolivar Bridge, Border with Colombia Near Cúcuta

This morning around 7:00am, Saturday 23rd, an incident was registered in the border with Colombia in the Simon Bolivar Bridge, near the Colombian city of Cúcuta.

National Guard officers took two VN-4 armored vehicles and tried to cross to the Colombian side but couldn’t because of the barricades. In the process they almost hit a passbyer that was crossing the border at that time.

The Telesur journalist, Madeleine Garcia was at the bridge during that incident and recorded the incident with her cellphone and posted the information on her twitter account.



In the exact moment the journalist saw in the Colombian side Vilcar Fernandez a Venezuelan terrorist recently released from jail by Venezuela within the framework of the peace negotiations in Dominican Republic. He seemed to be in the defectors welcoming committee. It is obvious that the Colombian government was aware of the event and they did nothing to prevent injures and death.


The US goverment with the lacky help of the Colombian government have been trying to create an incident in the Venezuelan border to provoque a military intervention. They have also harassed, theatend in very public ways the Venezuelan military and even using Twitter (something forbid in their terms of service), like Sen. Marco Rubio did yesterday with the head of the Venezuelan Secret Service, threatening him and his family in the best mafia style.


Freddy Bernal, the Venezuelan politician from the PSUV also was present in the area and a video narrating the incident was posted in the twitter account of the RT correspondent Erika Ortega Sanoja.




Updated: Feb 23, 1:03pm