What is Behind Arrest of Javier Tarazona from NGO Fundaredes?

The arrest of Javier Tarazona, director of the NGO Fundaredes, became a trending topic this Saturday, July 3. The previous day, prosecutors had requested the arrest of Tarazona and two of his collaborators to the Third Court with jurisdiction in terrorism, for the crimes of incitement of hatred and terrorism, based on Venezuelan law.

According to the evidence presented, Fundaredes is nothing more than an entity that serves the interests of the Colombian government in its attempts to destabilize Venezuela from both sides of the border. This alleged NGO served to promote war propaganda from Apure state, when the Bolivarian Armed Forces had intense confrontations with Colombian narco-terrorist organizations that tried to enter Venezuela to replicate the narco-paramilitary practices they had established in Colombian territory.

There was no illegal detention
Social media networks served as a stage to attack the action of the Venezuelan justice on Tarazona when he was apprehended in Coro, Falcón state, after he returned from Colombia. The event occurred during a state of high alert for Venezuelan intelligence, as it follows the visit of the head of the CIA, William Burns, to Colombia.

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The Third Court of Caracas, specialized in crimes related to terrorism, ruled this Saturday, July 3, to charge Tarazona for the crimes of promoting hatred, terrorism, and treason, citing his links with Colombian intelligence. The decision also referred to his brother José Rafael Tarazona, and Omar García Marín, coordinator of Fundaredes in Falcón, both accused of the same crimes and also deprived of their liberty. Their alleged disappearance and illegal detention, as claimed in various social media networks posts, was revealed to be a fabrication. Images of purported human rights defenders in the vicinity of the SEBIN building, located in Plaza Venezuela, Caracas, were also shared on social media.

On March 31, Fundaredes had denounced the arrest of two of its members by the Bolivarian National Guard in Apure state, along with two journalists from the Colombian channel NTN24. With this false flag operation, Tarazona wanted to draw attention in his favor, while he covered up the reality of the events. Finally, the journalists admitted that they had in fact received protection from the National Guard, and were never abducted as Tarazona had proclaimed.

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The false claims of the Fundaredes director, who is Venezuelan, coincided with the narrative of the Colombian media. Through stories, analysts and testimonies, they presented the fiction of a heartless “Maduro Guard” who arrived in La Victoria, Apure killing innocents, looting homes and posing as civilians not involved in the conflict.

Link with Duque
Regarding the political interests that motivate Fundaredes and its director, there is ample evidence on social media networks that reveal their links to the Colombian government .

In 2018, Tarazona took a photo with Iván Duque after Tarazona delivered a report that alleged human rights violations in our country, providing ammunition that served to fuel the constant attacks from Bogotá on Venezuela.

Tarazona called for intervention by international organizations, through Whatsapp recordings, at the beginning of the Colombian paramilitary aggression in Apure state.



Featured image: Javier Tarazona of Fundaredes and Luis Almagro, Secretary General of OAS, in 2017. File photo courtesy of La Nacion Web.

(RedRadioVE) by Daniela Jimenez

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