Jorge Arreaza PSUV Candidate for Barinas Re-Election

With the battle-cry “Long live Chávez!”, Jorge Arreaza Montserrat assumed, on Sunday, December 5, the candidacy for governorship in Barinas state, after being so designated by the national leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

Arreaza declared that he was moved, and thanked, from the heart, President Nicolás Maduro, for the confidence in him to undertake this new battle in the state where Hugo Chávez was born and that has great ideological significance for the Bolivarian Revolution.

“If you trust this son of Chávez, this brother of Nicolás Maduro, to lead the reins of Barinas for the next four years, I will do so, obeying the people of Barinas.” This is how Arreaza, father of “El Gallito,” one of the most beloved grandsons of Commander Hugo Chávez Frías, announced it.

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Taking examples cited by Commander Chávez, Arreaza called on Chavista supporters to rise above differences , pettiness and personal ambitions ”to guarantee the well-being of all the people of Barinas.”

With these words, he also ratified his determination to travel throughout the region, listening to all sectors of the population in order to resolve all the weaknesses that may be along the way. “We are not going to isolate ourselves in an office—in an office with air conditioner,” he stressed.

Review, rectification and re-advance
Arreaza also insisted on the need to implement the teachings of Commander Hugo Chávez, the principles of revision, rectification and re-advance. He asserted that “we are going to apply the complete 3Rs in Barinas,” in reference to the lines that the revolutionary leader dictated to achieve maximum efficiency.

In this regard, Arreaza announced that in coordination with the national leadership of the PSUV and President Nicolás Maduro, he will ask all executive branch agencies to review the management of the state of Barinas, to know the level of efficiency and change whatever needs to be changed.

“I consider myself as a son of Commander Chávez’s Barinas,” said Jorge Arreaza in an emotional speech. “I feel like another child of the beautiful Barinas, of the beautiful Barinas that is going to accompany us.”

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Honesty and capacity
The meeting was also attended by the President of Venezuela, also the president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Nicolás Maduro, who announced the appointment of Arreaza, who had been selected after a series of evaluations, consultations, calculations, and, above all, political and moral analysis, as Maduro put it.

The president said that, after all that, for the new electoral battle in Barinas, the majority considered that Jorge Arreaza has all the honesty, capability and courage to take charge of the state that was the cradle of Commander Chávez.

“I thought about it a lot and I think it is the best revolutionary scenario,” declared President Maduro. “A true leader hardened in struggles. He is the best to take over the reins of Barinas and change everything that has to be changed; to improve people’s lives.”

Thus, he confirmed Chavismo’s support for Jorge Arreaza, to be capable of governing the plainland state, “with his firm hand, with his honest heart, this son of Commander Hugo Chávez.”

Likewise, he asked the people of Barinas to support Jorge Arreaza Montserrat; and with the unanimous backing of all the leaders of the rank and file present in the popular assembly of the party, the candidacy for the January 9 re-election was announced.

“He [Arreaza] was the person who was at the side of our commander Chávez, that March 5, when he left us,” recalled Maduro. “He is the only witness who was at the meeting between Commander Chávez and myself, when he gave me the instructions and said: if something happens to me, now it’s your turn.”



Featured image: Jorge Arreaza, former foreign affairs minister of Venezuela and now PSUV candidate for governor in Barinas state re-election scheduled for January 9. Photo: Twitter/@jaarreaza

(RedRadioVE) by José Manuel Blanco Díaz

Translation: Orinoco Tribune




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