Julio Borges Resigns and Guaidó Staggers: ‘Interim Government Must Disappear’

This Sunday, December 5, Venezuelan opposition leader Julio Borges took to his Twitter account to express his disagreement with the “management” of Juan Guaidó and his fictitious “government.” Through a Twitter thread, Borges described what he will do starting this Tuesday. All this comes two weeks after the crushing defeat that the hard right opposition suffered in the November 21 regional elections.

This move represents a separation of Borges from what the opposition used to call “the interim government” headed by Guaidó. Now a number of those involved in that imaginary government classify it as not very transparent in terms of the management of the assets and resources they robbed from the Venezuelan people. This is based on a report by a “world-renowned NGO” that, according to Borges himself, reveals Guaidó’s lack of accountability.

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“We do not believe that we will continue to be part of a structure that, unfortunately, has used assets of Venezuelans for personal purposes and for personal gain—the case of Monómeros is an example,” wrote Borges.

Evading his own responsibility
Borges is abandoning Guaidó and the strategy charged with corruption and robbery of the nation, that they called “resistance,” detaching himself from what happened with CITGO and Monómeros, and pointing a finger at the “interim government,” asserting that “it has become more of a problem than a solution.” Borges does this without assuming the responsibilities for the foreign-imposed coercive and unilateral measures that have been promoted and requested by this sector of the opposition that have harmed the Venezuelan people so much, whom the opposition, from abroad, now intend to rule.

It is worth remembering that Julio Borges was a key figure at the time of Guaidó’s self-proclamation in a public square in Caracas in 2019. Guaidó himself appointed Borges as commissioner of foreign relations, a sort of fake Venezuelan foreign affairs minister.

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Now Borges wants a total disappearance of the interim government, because he considers that at this point it has not been able to overthrow the legitimate government of Nicolás Maduro. “There is no route, there is no unity and there is no strategy,” Borges said.

“We have lost international support,” lamented Borges, “because there have been contradictions, errors, and that has caused the world to put the Venezuelan case in cold storage.” This is in addition to the clear and rather public confrontation going on between Leopoldo López and Henrique Capriles regarding the handling of the opposition in the country—an obvious new crisis in the opposition.

Many analysts in Venezuela have been talking in recent weeks about December and the first week of January as the deadline for Guaidó’s imaginary government, and Borges latest statements seem to point in that direction. However, Carla Angola, an extreme-right Venezuelan journalist based in Miami, posted a tweet claiming that irrespective of whatever Borges says, his party Primero Justicia is still committed to continuing support for former deputy Guaidó. Carla Angola is alleged to be a paid journalist at the service of the failed Guaidó project.



Featured image: Former deputy Guaidó (left) and his fake “foreign affairs minister” Julio Borges (right), both stars of the failed US-led “regime”-change operation against President Maduro. Photo: El Muro de la Fama

(RedRadioVE) by Victoria Torres, with Orinoco Tribune content

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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