July 15 Webinar with Dan Kovalik: Report on the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples of the World in Caracas

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Thursday July 15, 7pm ET

Dan Kovalik, retired human rights and labor attorney reports on the recent Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples of the World, held in Caracas, June 21-24. He will discuss the activities of the US delegation during and after the Congress, and update us on the recent advances in the Venezuelan people’s struggle against the US blockade of their country. These include the building of the fifth Caracas metro line, visits to worker-owned factories and cooperatives.

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Sponsored by:

• Alliance for Global Justice
• Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York
• Chicago ALBA Solidarity
• Frente Hugo Chavez para la Defensa de los Pueblos, Vancouver
• Orinoco Tribune
• Task Force on the Americas


Featured image: Dan Kovalik escorted by Jorge Arreaza Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tibisay Lucena former head of National Electoral Council (CNE). File photo.

(Chicago ALBA Solidarity)

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