April 15 Webinar: Armed Conflict on the Venezuela-Colombia Border – The Battle of Apure (Translation to be Provided)

The armed aggression of Colombian criminal groups against the civilian population in the state of Apure, Venezuela, involved drug trafficking paramilitaries, used by Colombia and the US to attack the Bolivarian revolution. Venezuelan military regained control of the area after uncovering cocaine producing labs, airplane tracks and narco planes.

Translation to be Provided in Zoom platform

(Translation not available on Facebook transmission)

Join us TOMORROW to hear from the mayor of La Victoria, Apure state, the details about the current situation in his town and the measures that the Venezuelan state is taking to defend the integrity of its territory and population.

April 15, 2021 07:00 PM ET

Link to the Zoom Meeting:


José María Romero, known as “Chema” is the mayor of the Páez municipality, Apure state, and a central figure in this new battle in defense of the Bolivarian revolution. He will be talking with us about the events that have occurred in recent weeks on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.

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Some facts:

• On March 21 of this year, Operation Bolivarian Shield 2021 began in La Victoria, Apure State, against a Colombian drug trade group, which tried to violate the national sovereignty of Venezuela.
• March 21 landmines kill, a Major and a Lieutenant of the Bolivarian Army.
• March 23, terrorists destroy with explosives the headquarters of SENIAT, the agency in charge of taxes and customs,  and destroy a tollbooth.
• March 24, they attack with explosives a truck of Venezuelan the electric company.
• March 28 the terrorists destroy a military checkpoint in an area called Tres Esquinas and also destroy the military checkpoint in the farm called El Chacre.
• On April 1, they destroy an armored vehicle with self-propelled grenades

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Featured image: Mayor Jose Maria Romero of La Victoria, Apure state, Venezuela. File photo.

(Chicago Alba Solidarity)


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