Livia Gouverneur Student Residence to be Reactivated for Return to Classes

On Thursday, July 1, President Nicolás Maduro announced that the Livia Gouverneur Student Residence in Caracas has been rehabilitated for the resumption of in-person classes, expected to start in October this year.

The Livia Gouverneur Student Residence function as accommodation for university students who are not from Caracas. It is located in the vicinity of the Sabana Grande boulevard and consists of nine floors. Domiciano Graterol, deputy minister for Student Welfare and the Knowledge Community, has informed of the remodeling of all the spaces in the building, including bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas.

Moreover, David Ramírez, secretary of the students’ federation of Caracas, informed of the inauguration a photo gallery. According to Ramírez, the exhibition ”exalts the heroic martyrs” of the struggles in defense of the nation.

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Student leaders have also assured that the resident students of the Livia Gouverneur Student Residence will have comprehensive care and support for their academic activities.

President Maduro stated the importance of continuing to strengthen university programs, even more so in the midst of the US and European blockade and siege against the nation. ”You are training to decide how Venezuela will go forward,” was his message to students.


During his address, President Maduro also stated that starting from July 1, the mezzanine and first floor of the Livia Gouverneur Student Residences will become the headquarters of the Venezuelan Federation of University Education (FEVEU).

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Finally, Maduro asked the youth leaders of the Venezuelan Federation of Students (FVE) to “prepare students, with great firmness and steadfastness, class by class, section by section, high school by high school, university by university, in biosecurity measures: social distancing, health precautions and adaptation of classes to open spaces.”


Featured image: The Livia Gouverneur Student Residence, located in the Sabana Grande Boulevard in Caracas, will be restarted soon, for resumption of in-person classes in October. File photo.

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Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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