Massive Chavista Demonstration in Caracas in Support of Evo Morales and Against US Imperialism (Images)

This Saturday, November 16, Venezuelans took to the streets to express their rejection of the coup actions promoted by the United States in Latin America. Especially, to repudiate the recent coup against Bolivia and the massacre of its people.

In images shared on social networks, you can see how people began to concentrate in different parts of the west of the city of Caracas.

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With music and banners they say they are there to show their support for the Bolivarian Revolution and to offer a helping hand to the Bolivian people.

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The mobilization this Saturday in the capital is expected to have as its concentration points the Sucre Square (west), Libertador Avenue, in front of Cantv (east) and Poliedro de Caracas (south); the final destination will be the Miraflores Palace.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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