Photos: Anti-Aircraft Defensive Drills in Venezuela

This Wednesday, June 24, the Integral Aerospace Defense Command (Codai) carried out the deployment of anti-aircraft defense systems in “Sovereign Sky” military drills, in order to strengthen the national defensive system within the framework of the Bolivarian Shield 2020 plan.

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This was reported by the military agency on its Twitter account, a platform in which it shared images of the deployment and the maneuvers carried out in the Carabobo state, near El Palito refinery.

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“With maximum combative effectiveness, Codai demonstrates its power in firing ammunition from the ZU-23 short-range system in defense of the fatherland, in a specific exercise ‘Sovereign Sky’ within the framework of the Bolivarian Shield 2020,” they stressed.

Featured image: Courtesy of CODAI

(La IguanaTV)