President Maduro: 50% of Population is now Vaccinated & 2.6 Million COVAX Vaccines Arrive on Saturday

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro reported this Friday, October 8, that in Venezuela 50% of the population has already received at least one dose of immunization against COVID-19.

During a televised address broadcast by state-owned TV station VTV, the president stressed that the goal, which he announced last Sunday, was reached “by overcoming barriers, obstacles, and financial persecution”—a reference to the criminal hardship imposed on millions of Venezuelans by US and European illegal sanctions.

“Today in Venezuela we reached 50% of the population vaccinated,” said the head of state. “We have a goal. The new goal is that by October 31, we get 70% vaccinated in the country. In Caracas there has been an increase [in COVID-19 cases], also in parts of Miranda [state], an increase above the normal figures in the country. You have to take care of yourself, today is Friday and people know it… You have to take care of yourself and get vaccinated to reverse the curve of the coronavirus, flatten it again, and bring it down.”

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He also reported that “2.6 million vaccines will arrive through the COVAX system tomorrow… Little by little we are going far, at a good pace. Last week 900,000 Abdala vaccines arrived. I reiterate, young people over 18 years of age can go without an appointment to get their vaccine and protect themselves.”

The country will use a traffic light system to access public places
Regarding the flexibility at the end of the year, Maduro pointed out that “regarding the reopening scheme for November and December, we are working on the basis that we are making progress in vaccination, and we are preparing traffic light access to some public places. Green is when you are vaccinated and healthy, yellow when you are not vaccinated and healthy, and red is when you are not vaccinated and have had COVID-19 in the last 21 days. This traffic light scheme would start the third week of October.” The proposed system would apply to “restaurants and public places,” added Maduro.


Featured image: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro issued statement regarding COVID-19 this Friday, October 8. Photo courtesy of VTV.

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