President Maduro: “Capriles Leads an International Campaign to Sabotage the 6D elections”

This Tuesday, September 8, the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, asserted that former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski is leading an international campaign to sabotage the upcoming parliamentary elections on December 6.

“Capriles leads an international campaign of currents that want to sabotage the elections. This is what I denounce,” said the head of state during the presentation of the GPP “Darío Vivas” National Campaign Command.

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Capriles, remember, has called for participation in the aforementioned elections. The leader has reiterated that abstention would only benefit the government of President Maduro, by facilitating the “conquest” of the National Assembly (AN) for him.

In this sense, the party of the former governor of Miranda, La Fuerza del Cambio, registered 277 candidates for the 6D elections. However, as the former governor of Miranda state himself has pointed out, these applications are not yet final.

“There is nothing truculent or dark. What we have done is avoid being left out. But these are not the candidates, because we are not going to present candidates until we have conditions,” said Capriles, in this regard.

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On this duality in the speech, Maduro pointed out: “So he says: ‘if Maduro feels that he is going to lose, he will not have elections.” Capriles, that’s how you think. When they think that they are going to be defeated by the force of the historical revolutionary bloc, they invent excuses to cowardly sneak away and not participate in elections. They did so in 2005. And how did that turn out in 2005?”

The president recalled that the revolutionary force has twice defeated Capriles in presidential elections. “There are 24 elections that have been held (since Hugo Chavez took office). December 6 will be the 25th election. We have won 22,” said the head of state.

“They blame everything on Maduro, but they don’t realize that it is not Maduro. Chávez said it, “this is not about a man.” And they did not realize it. They have not realized that this is not about Maduro. This is not about Maduro, it is a strong and conscientious people, a rebel, a fighter and a warrior (people that decided to be free)” he concluded.

Featured image: Colombian controversial former president Alvaro Uribe and Henrique Carpriles Radonski. File photo courtesy of Aporrea.

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