President Maduro: More than 20 Colombian Paramilitaries Trained Cota 905 Gangs

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced this Sunday, July 11, that during the operation Gran Cacique Indio Guaicaipuro in Caracas, Colombian military weapons were seized. He also announced that at least 20 paramilitaries from Colombia were at Cota 905 alongside the criminal gangs, “linked to the criminal structures operating on Cota 905.”

Similarly, Maduro denounced Leopoldo López for his involvement, from Madrid, Spain, in funding the gangs and their terrorist activities in Venezuela. “They are an incurable network of violence, hatred, and terrorism,” said Maduro. “They receive all their support from Bogotá and the North.”

“Leopoldo López is directly involved in the conduct of these criminal gangs,” added the president. “All this information must be relayed to Spain, because this terrorist attack is being planned from there.”

The President of the Republic also noted that Venezuelan intelligence is pursuing an operation. “Francisco Santos, Colombian ambassador to the United States, is in the process of handing over the position. He came with the head of the CIA to Colombia and said this two weeks ago, and we denounced it. We are in the middle of a sensitive intelligence mission and we have to proceed with caution.”

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Maduro warned that the paramilitary terrorist plan was set for July 5, in the south of the city of Caracas, “but it was disrupted thanks to intelligence actions, actions to protect Paseo Los Próceres [the iconic Walkway of Heroes, located adjacent to Fort Tiuna military building in Caracas]. I warned about it, that they wanted to spoil the July 5 celebrations.”

He stressed that the information was revealed by three Colombian paramilitaries captured during the operation: “Official weapons of the Colombian army have been seized in the area. Detainees have given evidence and indicated that they received training from Colombian paramilitaries at Cota 905.”

“That day they attacked, on the night of the 7th, they murdered a humble man who was travelling home on the highway,” said Maduro. “They were criminal groups, linked with the right-wing coup plotters, to make an attack on Caracas. The authorities intervened where they were able to and captured them.”

The head of state added that official weapons from the US and Colombia were seized. He also announced that a cocaine laboratory was found in the middle of the mountain, a “procedure typical of the paramilitaries that use these practices to destabilize the population. Many caches were also found, and we are looking for the others.”

Arsenal of war
During the broadcast, the arsenal of weapons used to sow terrorism throughout the country was shown, including drones and police uniforms used to set up checkpoints and abductions.

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“I alert all organizations, Padrino López, and the Ministers of the Interior and Justice to be attentive to these actions,” added Maduro. “We have to improve communication channels because we are facing criminal methods of attack.” Maduro recalled that the assassination of the president of Haiti was carried out using the camouflage of police uniforms, as was the failed mercenary invasion of Venezuela, Operation Gideon.

President Maduro assured that the operation will continue until the whereabouts of all the members of the gangs are found. “Our guard is permanently up to protect the security of Venezuelans,” noted the head of state. “The battle will continue until we find all the members of this outfit.” Maduro called for justice on behalf of the people of Venezuela, for the fallen and for the martyrs, to ensure peace for all Venezuelans.

In addition, he asked the people for their assistance in apprehending the leaders of the Cota 905 gang. “This cannot be allowed in Venezuela,” said Maduro emphatically. “We have the right to our independence and our tranquility. We reiterate that there is a reward that will be paid to those who deliver information leading to the capture of these people.”

Investigation in process
Maduro announced the capture of a leading Colombian paramilitary in Apure who was heading to Caracas for a special mission. “Today in Elorza we captured a Colombian paramilitary leader, alias José Peligro,” Maduro reported. “He has been transferred to Caracas and has confessed that he had orders to go on a mission to the Venezuelan capital.”

“He is the head of a paramilitary group that we have fought in recent months in Apure,” said the national leader during a review of the Gran Cacique Indio Guaicaipuro operation. “He is already in custody, and he was transferred to Caracas.”

Maduro revealed that the paramilitary confessed he had left his hideout in Colombian territory, passed through Arauca, and entered Venezuelan territory, with the objective of reaching the capital.

“Here, at the entrance to Caracas, they were waiting for him,” added the Venezuelan President.


Featured image: President Maduro reveals some of the weapons seized during the police operation against the paramilitary gang of El Coqui. Photo: Prensa Presidencial.

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