President Maduro on Quarantine: Zero Public Events or Gatherings, We Need More Discipline!

This Sunday night, the Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, urged all the street chiefs, communities, mayors, governors and members of the ministerial Cabinet to maintain discipline in the national, social and collective quarantine, declared in the country in the middle of March. “Mayors, governors, heads of communities of our town, ministers: I have been seeing a relaxation of the quarantine with public events. That can not be! We are going to disciplined quarantine: zeroth public events! Zero public acts! I’ve been seeing it,” said the National President in a phone interview broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión.

He recalled that a total of 26 new infections were detected this weekend (14 this Saturday and 12 this Sunday ), so he ordered maximum awareness and compliance with quarantine, as a key element to stop the spread of the Covid-19, which already registers 414 infected in the country.

“There is an increase in cases. It could be an alarm for us. It has to be. We will retake the disciplined, voluntary, conscious, social spirit. Enough of relaxing, of doing mass events, public events. We have to send a message of discipline, of union to take care of our homeland,” said the Venezuelan president.

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Likewise, President Nicolás Maduro expressed himself on Twitter and ordered all members and revolutionary leaders to maintain discipline during the quarantine.

“I call the ministers, governors, mayors and leaders of our people to maintain a disciplined social, collective and conscious quarantine. Let’s not slow down, it’s dangerous! No mass or public events. It is necessary to increase discipline and cohesion to the maximum level. Let’s not lose heart!” wrote the Venezuelan president on the social network.

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It should be remembered that on March 12, President Nicolás Maduro declared the State of Alarm in the country, before detecting the first two cases of coronavirus in the nation, after the situation that was taking place in neighboring countries. Currently, [there are] 414 infections, 10 deaths and 193 recovered patients.

Among the instructions given that day, is the suspension of all mass acts and activities that involve public gatherings.

For today Venezuela has some of the best figures on the continent because the of the efficiency of its fight against the pandemic with 18,012 test per million inhabitants (behind the US and Canada), 0.4 deaths per million inhabitants (best figure in the Americas) and 15 infections per million inhabitants (second on the continent behind Nicaragua), this according to worldometer on May 11 at 19:58 pm (Caracas time).

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