Reuters: US Prepares New Sanctions Against Venezuela and Intends to Sabotage CLAP Program

The Government of the United States in its plan to suffocate the Venezuelan economy, has now proposed to attack the Local Committee of Food and Production (Clap), a program executed by President Nicolás Maduro to provide food to most of the population.

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The Reuters news agency reported that the United States is preparing new sanctions against Venezuelan government officials related to the CLAP, in addition to increasing the economic blockade against the South American country.

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In this plan of harassment against the Venezuelan people, the National Security Council and the Treasury, State and Justice Departments of the United States would be involved.

Currently, in Venezuela more than 6 million families benefit from this important food program that allows families to access products from the basic basket almost for free (0.5 US$ per box/bag).

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE\EF