#SOSColombia: UN, EU & Rest of World Condemn Duque’s Genocide – One Week Later

Hundreds of reactions from international figures and organizations have been expressed in support of the Colombian people in struggle. Although large media corporations have been oblivious to what has been happening in Colombia, so as to hide State responsibility in the killings of civilians during the ongoing popular demonstrations against Iván Duque’s policies, many around the world have described the acts of brutality as “genocide.”

What about human rights?
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights issued a statement expressing that her office was “deeply alarmed by the events that occurred during the night [of May 3] in the city of Cali, Colombia, where police opened fire on those protesting against tax reforms, and reportedly killed and injured several people.”

The UN organism emphasized that work is being carried out to collect and verify the numbers of victims of violent incidents in the midst of peaceful protests.

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Threats to the UN
There have also been reports of threats to human rights defenders in the New Granada Nation [Colombia]. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia, Juliette Rivero, denounced that members of her commission had been threatened and attacked by the security forces during the demonstrations in what is considered to be the epicenter of dissent: Cali.

“While we were monitoring the human rights situation in Cali, no direct shots were fired at the UN Human Rights team,” wrote Rivero on her Twitter account. “However, other committee members received threats and attacks and shots by police, but no one was hurt.” Rivero requested an investigation and punitive action against those responsible.

In the context of protests in various parts of Colombia, the UN Human Rights Office has received reports of at least 14 deaths since April 28, including at least one police officer.

Europe condemns the genocide
Along similar lines, European External Action Service spokesperson Peter Stano stated that “the European Union condemns acts of violence directed against the legitimate rights to demonstrate, to the freedom to assemble and to express oneself. It is very important that respect for these rights remains.”

United Left European parliamentarian Manu Pineda also raised his voice to denounce the genocide against the Colombian people and petitioned, by means of a letter to the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, that a mission be sent to Colombia, due to the ongoing violent repression of the civilian population by police and armed forces, which began during the national strike on April 28.

Pineda also remarked that the human rights violations during these protests “deepen the grave situation in Colombian society, whose government has not stopped the persecutions and murders of social leaders and the signatories of the Peace Accords, and which has not provided the necessary guarantees to implement these.”

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Paul-Emile Dupret, left-wing jurist and advisor to the European Parliament at Brussels confirmed that there are concerns by political parties in the international community, especially those of the European community, in regard to the murders and human rights violations carried out in Colombia by the military forces and police, who have been shooting and killing protesters. For this reason, they have asked the Executive branch in Colombia to put a stop to this wave of State violence.

According to various reports, the death toll has risen to at least 26 victims, over one thousand civilians have been injured in the demonstrations, and over 650 arbitrary arrests have been recorded. The United Nations recorded 66 massacres in Colombia in 2020 alone.

Reactions from around the world


Featured Image: Police repress protesters in Colombia, May 2, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @luiskadhu


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