Two Terrorists from El Coqui Gang Neutralized in Caracas

Two members of the El Coqui criminal and terrorist gang which tried to control Cota 905 in Caracas were killed in confrontations with officials from the Scientific, Penal, and Criminal Investigation Service Corps (CICPC).

According to police reports one of the individuals killed was identified as Óscar Eduardo Piñango Velásquez (26 years of age), alias “Óscar El Llano,” who confronted agents in Macarao, Caracas. According to police investigations Piñango Velásquez was one of those who fired into the tunnels of El Paraíso, when the Coqui gang ordered the blocking of traffic with the intent of creating chaos in the capital, murdering one innocent driver and wounding others.

The other criminal was identified as Erick Argenis Croker Sarmiento, alias “El Chino,” who had an armed confrontation with CICPC agents on Calle San Andrés, El Valle. This subject was wanted for aggravated extortion and the murder of Sasakia Alexandra Guédez (33), according to the report of the specialized police force.

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This law enforcement agency maintains bureaus in various sectors of El Valle, including the El 70 neighborhood, which was the base of operations for Leonardo José Polanco Angulo, alias “Loco Leo,” a partner of the criminal organization that controlled Cota 905.

“Loco Leo” has been in hiding in the Cota 905 area since April 11, 2020, the day his gunmen assassinated CICPC detective Deivis Quintero. Quintero was abducted from his mother’s house in La Vuelta del Beso, El Valle, and shot on the public highway.

CICPC clarifies murder of a man in Gramoven
On the other hand, the CICPC provided additional details regarding the murder of Gerardo Ramón Delgado Zarate, 35 years of age. In the incident reported in Gramoven, of the La Cubana sector, Sucre parish, Caracas, Delgado was murdered and stripped of his belongings by members of the gangster group nicknamed “Lucifer.”

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Detectives from the West Axis Homicide Investigations unit were in charge of the investigations, and confirmed the arrest of Yonckeyber Raúl Alberto Brito Silva (20 years of age), nicknamed “Mortadela,” in Los Magallanes de Catia, Sucre parish, Caracas, a member of the aforementioned criminal group implicated in Gerardo Delgado’s death.

The perpetrator, along with Yonaiker Jossue Tarazona López (19), nicknamed “Lucifer,” Johnders Giovanni Briceño Machuca (29), nicknamed “Yonder,” and two men nicknamed “El Burro” and “Rocky,” remain at large. The gang ambushed the victim with the intention of robbing him. However, when Delgado resisted he was murdered with multiple gunshots.

The case was handled by the 41st Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Ministry of the Caracas Metropolitan Area, according to a post by CICPC director Douglas Rico on his Instagram account @douglasricovzla.


Featured image: CICPC agent wearing a bulletproof vest. File photo.

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