“UK a Submissive Washington Disciple”: Chancellor Jorge Arreaza (US Sanctions)

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreza labeled the United Kingdom as the “most submissive disciple of Washington,” after the regime of this European nation referred to the new sanctions against the Venezuelan people announced yesterday by the European Union.

Arreaza’s statement was in response to what was stated on Twitter by Dominic Raab, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of that country country.

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“The United Kingdom has been Washington’s most submissive disciple in the aggression against Venezuela. It supported the illegal coup strategy, created a secret ‘Office for Venezuelan Transition’ and violates human rights by pretending to steal gold from Venezuelans in the middle of a pandemic,” wrote the Venezuelan chancellor.

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Previously, Raab posted on his twitter account: “These new sanctions, which the UK will also adopt, show that human rights violations & contempt for democracy in Venezuela will not be tolerated. We will keep working with European partners & on our own independent sanctions regime in order to stand up for our values.”

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