Venezuela: Chinese Assistance and Experts Arrived Today – Six New Cases of Coronavirus, 135 Total

Caracas, March 30, 2020.- Venezuelan vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, reported six new cases of Covid-19 coronavirus registered in the country, bringing the total number of cases to 135. The cases are distributed as follows: 2 in Miranda, 1 in the Capital District, 1 in Bolívar, 1 in Aragua and 1 in Yaracuy.

She mentioned that, of the 135 cases:

  • 10 are recovering in private clinics.
  • 18 in sentinel public hospitals.
  • 21 patients are in CDI (Comprehensive Diagnosis Centers of the Venezuelan state).
  • 39 patients are recovered (29% of the total).
  • 47 people are recovering in isolation at home.

The vice president added that in the next few hours, the treatment for people who recover at home will be described, in such a way that they are totally isolated, with their masks at home, attended by a single person with gloves and masks, to avoid infecting their relatives.

Rodriguez also pointed out that, in one of the first flights where one of the first cases was detected on March 8, six people positive for coronavirus have already been detected, and that it is very important that the people who entered the country in March from different routes (air, land, water) are tested quickly, either in sentinel centers or through rapid tests.

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Delcy Rodríguez described the six cases released today:

  • A 36-year-old male from Caracas, who started with symptoms on March 26, entered a sentinel hospital on the 28th. Community transmission is presumed.
  • 31-year-old male, nurse from a private center, resident of Miranda, with a possible exposure to a traveler. He is being held in a private hospital.
  • 40-year-old female from Yaracuy state, who was in contact with a relative from Colombia.
  • A 30-year-old foreign female, who resides in Bolívar state, with a history of travel to Spain, entered the country on March 8.
  • 38-year-old male resident of Maracay, in contact with an international traveler who tested positive.
  • 33-year-old male, resident in the El Hatillo municipality of Miranda state, had contact with a traveler coming from Spain.

She reiterated the importance of maintaining and abiding by the social quarantine to cut the chain of transmission by community contact.

Specialists who arrived this Monday from China
Rodriguez noted that, at 3 in the morning, a plane arrived with humanitarian aid, supplies, medical-surgical material and a commission of eight specialists from the People’s Republic of China, who treated critically ill patients and came to offer technical assistance to the team of Venezuelan physicians.

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  • One of the specialists is the director of the Jiangsu Province Hospital, a specialist in respiratory and critical medicine.
  • Another is the director of the same hospital, a specialist in infectious disease control.
  • The third is a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine, recalling that, in that country, traditional medicine had a high impact on the recovery of patients, while in Venezuela, an “irrational (opposition) sector” attacked Nicolás Maduro for recommending traditional medicine.
  • A specialist in nosocomial infection control also arrived.
  • Deputy head of Jiangsu Province Hospital, specialist in disease control infections.
  • The deputy head of the mentioned hospital, a specialist in laboratory tests.
  • Intensive care specialist and chief doctor of the mentioned hospital.
  • Deputy Head of the Nursing Unit of Jiangsu Province Hospital.

22 tons of material for the fight against Covid-19 also arrived, including 500 thousand rapid detection tests, 50 thousand PCR test kits, protective and biosafety suits, fans, lenses, gloves, ultrasound equipment, infrared thermometers, oxygen masks, isolation suits and face masks, among others.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/EF



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