Venezuela: Opposition Democratic Alliance Introduces Unitary Platform for 21N Regional Elections

On Wednesday, May 19, the coalition of Venezuelan opposition parties Alianza Democrática (Democratic Alliance)  announced their intention to participate in the elections to be held in the country on November 21.

During a press conference, the Democratic Alliance, made up of 22 political parties, stated that it will not renounce the electoral route, the only civilized way to settle differences between citizens and projects.

The secretary of COPEI [Social Christian Party], Juan Carlos Alvarado, stressed that of the political parties that make up the alliance, 14 have been authorized and the other nine are currently following the regulatory process within the National Electoral Council (CNE) to complete their validation.

Alvarado explained that they will request a meeting with the CNE to discuss various points, including colors, operation of the Republic Plan, accreditation of witnesses, and representatives to the regional bodies of the CNE.

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For his part, the president of Progressive Advance (AP), Henri Falcón, affirmed that this alliance is a commitment to building consensus within politics.

“It means a commitment to recuperating the role of politics as a space for negotiation, dialogues, and consensus building, which also implies a critical vision of our own political action, of our mistakes,” he commented.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of Cambiemos, Timoteo Zambrano, said that all political parties must unite to advance stability in the country.

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“We reject sanctions and interference against the nation, and we’ve recovered the electoral path as the only way to achieve the well-being of the Venezuelan people, ”said Zambrano.

Among the parties that signed these documents for the alliance are Avanzada Progresista, El Cambio, Cambiemos and Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS).

On May 17, the political leader of the opposition Causa R party, Américo De Grazia, also announced that he will return to Venezuela in June, from self-imposed exile, to be a candidate for governor in Bolívar state .

Venezuela is preparing to hold regional and municipal elections on November 21, referred to as Mega Elections because in addition to governors and mayors, council people for each municipality will also be elected.


Featured image: Opposition parties that took the electoral route in the last parliamentary elections in Venezuela are uniting to form a bloc for upcoming regional elections. Photo courtesy of @HenriFalconLara.

(RedRadioVE) by Ana Perdigon

Translation: Orinoco Tribune




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