Venezuela Reaches 3.5 Million-Home Milestone Amid US Blockade

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, was at the forefront of an event during which the government reached the milestone of 3.5 million homes delivered to the Venezuelan people through the Great Venezuela Housing program.

The president reflected on the sanctions suffered by Venezuela at the will of US imperialism. Despite this, the pace of construction for this social program has been maintained. “For the first time, Venezuela’s oil becomes housing, food, education, and health. That is the real revolution,” he said.

Faced with the siege to which the Venezuelan people have been subjected in the last four years, the president congratulated the link that has been built between the people and the government to make the dream of decent housing possible for the neediest sectors. “Although the sanctions have done great damage, we have defended the socialist welfare state established by Commander Chávez. Only the people save the people!” added Maduro.

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“I can say today that we have defended the state of missions and great missions [social programs]. They could not defeat the Great Venezuela Housing Mission. We guarantee the investment, learning to plan, together with the people, the present role of the state handing over land, laying the cement, laying the rebar, the labor of the working class, and the innovation of private national and international construction companies,” said the head of state.

House number 3.5 million was handed over in Yaracuy, by the state governor Julio León Heredia, who called the historical event “a miracle” and a “heroic act” of the government alongside organized popular power.

“In 40 years they [previous Venezuelan governments before Chavez] built only 1.5 million houses, which were hovels, a box of matches,” said President Maduro. “In 20 years the revolution has built 3.5 millions homes… And we have built the right to housing, to accommodation, and to the community.”

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Towards five million homes
President Maduro said that “yes it is possible to build, yes it is possible to resist, yes we can advance” in the construction of a model of justice that confronts the imperialist powers. He said that despite the siege created against the country, the people and the government have been able to overcome the most difficult trials imposed on them in the contemporary republican era.

He said that the Great Venezuela Housing program (GMVV) complies with the Constitution, which mandates the design of a decent, humane and fair housing policy. “We are heading for five million homes or more!” reiterated President Nicolás Maduro.

40% of new homes for young couples
President Maduro stressed that within the framework of the GMVV, the program is focused on building homes to protect young couples under 30 years of age, thereby giving the future of the country an opportunity.

“40% of the houses have been given to young couples. If we left this to the capitalist market, no one would be able to obtain a home, only socialism can guarantee the rights of the people,” reflected the president.

He pointed out that “in capitalism, housing is a commodity, which can be paid for only by those who have money.” The head of state estimated that “the right to housing is a fundamental right that capitalism denies. In the capitalist market, housing is not a right, it is a commodity.”


Featured image: Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro delivering public house number 3.5 million on March 18, 2021. Photo courtesy of Prensa Presidencial.

(Ultimas Noticias) by Randolf Borges

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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