Venezuelan Extreme Right Opposition Already with Candidates for 21N Regional Elections (G4)

The coalition of opposition parties called G4, comprised of AD (led by Henry Ramos Allup), Voluntad Popular, Primero Justicia, and Un Nuevo Tiempo, already has some names planned for pre-candidates or candidates for the regional elections scheduled for November 21 (21N), including people who supported Juan Guaidó.

More and more, spokespersons for the so-called Unitary Platform are joining the call to vote in the upcoming elections. Despite the fact that, at some point, they refused to participate and delegitimized the National Electoral Council (CNE), now they are seeking to run for public office through the elections. For some G4 candidates, it is logical for them to propose a single candidate for each post to represent the Unitary Platform. However, many question if there is real unity, regardless of the excessive use of the word, because conflicting evidence points in the exact opposite direction.

This is seen in the already fixed names on the list of candidates for the Unitary Platform: Barreto Sira, current governor of Anzoátegui, will run again in the eastern state; Richard Mardo in Aragua; and Enzo Scarano in Carabobo. In addition, Carlos Ocariz will run in Miranda, José Manuel Olivares will run in La Guaira.  Meanwhile, Biagio Pilieri will run in Yaracuy, and Alfredo Díaz will run in Nueva Esparta.

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The opposition hopes to qualify Richard Mardo and José Manuel Olivares in the national dialogue in Mexico with government delegates.


Other candidates for the G4 that are named on behalf of so-called unity are José Gregorio “Goyo” Graterol in Falcón, Alberto Galíndez in Cojedes, and Alfonso Marquina in Lara.

On the other hand, some repeated faces are also measuring their support in the face of the November 21 elections. Manuel Rosales, who was already governor of the western state for two terms, has been taking advantage of touring to hold rallies and give public speeches.

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The “Democratic Alliance”
In this same context, the opposition parties that have representatives in the National Assembly will also send candidates backed by the so-called Democratic Alliance of the AD (led by Bernabé Gutiérrez), the Copei of Miguel Salazar, Cambiemos of Timoteo Zambrano, El Cambio with Javier Bertucci and Avanzada Progresista with Henri Falcón; the latter will again aspire to the governorship of Lara.

This is the Democratic Alliance list for 21N.

• Anzoátegui: José Brito.

• Aragua: Luis Eduardo Martínez.

• Amazonas: Nixon Maniglia.

• Apure: Ronald Torres.

• Barinas: Rosales Peña.

• Carabobo: Javier Bertucci.

• Cojedes: Dennys Fernández.

• Delta Amacuro: Jesús Hidalgo.

• Falcón: Daniel Barrios.

• Guárico: Octavio Orta.

• La Guaira: Luis Olivo.

• Lara: Henri Falcón.

• Mérida: Edgar Márquez

• Miranda: Juan Carlos Alvarado.

• Monagas, Joel Orta.

• Nueva Esparta: Morel Rodríguez.

• Sucre: Francisco Pino.

• Táchira: Laidy Gómez.

• Trujillo: Conrado Pérez.

• Yaracuy: Luis Parra and

• Zulia: Eliseo Fermín.


Featured image: Opposition supporters in a street rally in Caracas. File photo.

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