Villegas: People Cling to Culture and the Wellbeing of Children in Response to Imperial Blockade, Sanctions

The Minister of Popular Power for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, during the inauguration of the Children’s Axis of the 8th International Theater Festival, held in Parque Alí Primera, west of the city of Caracas, said that the Venezuelan people respond to imperial sanctions and the desire for war promoted by imperialism by hanging on to their culture.

“We also incorporate within the joy and happy balance of this festival the difficult circumstances that Venezuelans face ahead of imperial sanctions, of the blockade that intends for the people to give up these spaces, and on the contrary, the people respond with massive attendance at these events, clinging to the culture, to our identity, and to the better wellbeing of the child, which is the legal expression children have in the aims of the Bolivarian revolution.

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For her part, the Mayor of Caracas was also present at the inaugural of this cultural space.  “This year we have innovated, in the west of the city we’re installing the children’s axis which will be open for free from today, April 17 to 22”.

She also recalled that 13 international groups and over 100 national theater groups are participating in the international festival. “A festival with more than 400 activities, so we invite the families of Caracas to participate in the children’s axis and all the works that will be premiered,” said Farias.


Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by: EF/JRE

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