‘We’re Going to Look for Them’: Cabello Calls for ‘Thief’ Guaidó’s Imprisonment

Venezuela’s second most significant Chavista leader called for former opposition deputy Juan Guaidó and his allies to be imprisoned, and promised that justice will punish the “thieves and murderers.”

“We are going to look for them…” said Cabello. “Here I have the list of the first, to whom surprises are going to come.” The PSUV vice president made the comments this Wednesday, January 5, on his weekly television program Con el Mazo Dando.

Cabello did not mention Guaidó by name, but showed posters of his face, in addition to those of Freddy Guevara, Miguel Pizarro, and Stalin González, among other opposition figures. On all the posters there was the phrase “wanted” written at the top and the inscription “thief” at the bottom.

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As Cabello recalled, the Venezuelan opposition figures have stolen assets from the state and its people. However, warned Cabello, they will not be permitted to continue stealing with impunity.

On the same day Jorge Rodríguez, the president of the National Assembly, urged Guaidó and his allies be investigated for their crimes.

Rodríguez denounced “the terrible crimes” and the “robbery and embezzlement operations” perpetrated by the radical opposition against the people of Venezuela, and demanded that the opposition politicians who have squandered and stolen the nation’s assets answer to justice.

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The Venezuelan government, led by President Nicolás Maduro, has accused Guaidó on several occasions of stealing the country’s assets in complicity with the United States. These funds could have otherwise been used to purchase medicine and food.

Guaidó is also being investigated for corruption, conspiracy with a foreign government, money laundering, terrorism, continued public instigation of criminal acts, trafficking in weapons of war, and aggravated embezzlement, among other crimes that are more than evident under Venezuelan law, and also under international law.

Despite everything, the United States assured on Tuesday that it will maintain its support for Guaidó, whom it will continue to recognize as the president in charge of Venezuela. This announcement was criticized by the Venezuelan government, which on Wednesday responded to the Biden administration for maintaining the hostile policy of his predecessor, disgraced former President Donald Trump, by continuing “his financial, diplomatic, economic, and political persecution” against Venezuelans.


Featured image: PSUV deputy Diosdado Cabello holding a “Wanted” poster during his television program Con El Mazo Dando. Photo by Con el Mazo Dando.


Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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