Were Pandora Papers a Controlled Leak?—Misión Verdad’s William Serafino Comments

The Pandora Papers are a controlled leak that does not take aim at the system that privileges US and UK interests, explained William Serafino, a researcher at the Samuel Robinson Institute.

For Serafino, a Venezuelan political scientist, this new case of the Pandora Papers, that recently linked world political leaders and celebrities accused of trying to hide their fortunes in infamous tax havens, constitutes a controlled leak in that “it touches intermediate sectors of the transnational elite” but does not point out “the true root of the problem, which is the system of incentives and privileges that the United States and the United Kingdom have fundamentally created.”

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They seek to hide their tax havens while exposing others
In an interview with RT, Serafino stated that US actors intend to legitimize “valley capitals” in their territories. These “valley capitals” operate in US geographical areas controlled by technology businesses. Serafino referred to communities located there that are known as hubs for information technology, and that also manage to control the digital infrastructure of large corporations.

Some of these geographical areas that they seek to legitimize, despite working as alleged tax havens, include South Dakota, and Delaware, US—in which there are more companies than citizens. Likewise, Serafino mentioned that offshore companies from the United Kingdom also operate in the Virgin Islands or Belize. This practice has been normalized and institutionalized “thanks” to both countries.

According to information provided by Serafino, the Open Society Foundation of extreme-right magnate George Soros, the Ford Foundation, and the private investment fund Arnold Ventures are the main funders of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, an entity that brought the Pandora Papers to the fore.

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In this sense, according to the information revealed by William Serafino—who is also director of the Venezuelan investigative journalism outlet Misión Verdad—the Pandora Papers was a controlled leak to expose irregularities that link political and entertainment actors with tax havens, while hiding other offshore territories that are well known to those who funded such research.

This makes it clear that the Pandora revelations were manipulated in such a manner to avoid effectively addressing the root of the problem, which is none other than the tax haven itself, whereby companies evade taxes and legal restrictions.


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