Why President Maduro Changed his Voting Center at the Last Minute

This Sunday, December 6, Nicolás Maduro voted at the Simón Rodríguez Ecological Bolivarian School in Fuerte Tiuna, accompanied by Cilia Flores, candidate in these legislative elections and the president’s wife.

Traditionally, Maduro voted at the Miguel Antonio Caro high school, Catia neighborhood, in the Sucre parish. When his voting center was announced in the morning the CNE still had the Catia high school listed as his voting center.

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Right-wing political operators and the “free press” complained about the sudden change as if they knew something that the majority of the Venezuelans didn’t. For example, the right-wing website Efecto Cocuyo, in its coverage, seems to have been monitoring CNE’s website—where you can verify the voting center of a person by referencing their ID number—for the Venezuelan President constantly during the voting day. The change to Maduro’s voting station was announced only at the time that the president was actually voting, they reported.

Other “free press” sounded off about the move to a school located inside a military base, almost as if they were dismayed that a new assassination attempt on the head of state had been neutralized. They claimed that the sudden change revealed that “Maduro’s support is not in the people but in the bayonets.”

The head of the Darío Vivas Campaign Command, Jorge Rodríguez, explained this Monday the reasons that led Venezuelan authorities to change the voting center of President Nicolás Maduro at the last minute.

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During a press conference, the socialist leader stressed that the Venezuelan head of state had received death threats from various spokespeople of the national and international right, a reason that was considered serious enough to request the change.

Venezuelan intelligence services may have had learned about a planned attempt on the president’s life. “He is a president threatened with death,” said Rodríguez. “A change of electoral direction was requested. There were signs that suggested an unsafe situation for the president which might provoke a serious incident.”

Acting under unsubstantiated claims—as usual—Trump’s presidency has placed an exorbitant bounty on the head of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. In a recent press conference Maduro reminded Venezuelans that his life has a price tag of $15 million due to this bounty, founded on baseless drug trafficking allegations that are part of Washington’s failed regime-change operations over the last two years.


Featured image: Venezuelan president Nicola Maduro minutes before the assassination attempt with drones on August 2018. File photo.

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