“You are a Disgrace, You are a Traitor”: This is How Guaido was “Welcomed” Upon his Arrival – “New Round of US Sanctions Tour 2020” (Videos + Images + Humor)

Venezuelan deputy Juan Guaido landed today at the Simon Bolivar International Airport (Maiquetia) at 4:30 pm on a regular commercial flight from TAP Airlines, originating in Lisbon finishing his “New Round of US Sanctions Tour 2020”. (corrected on Feb. 13)

Simon Bolivar International Airport is also the headquarters of recently US Sanctioned Conviasa Airlines and is located in Maiquetia, an area belonging to La Guaira state, the state that Guaido “represents” as deputy in the National Assembly.

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Disregarding the media gaggle that always follows Guaido in Venezuela (aka Free Press) and a few deputies waiting for Guaido, all the videos posted on social media show a lack of welcoming, cheering crowds (as wrongly reported in an AFP tweet) and on the contrary, show crowds rejecting and booing him, most of them seeming to be from Conviasa workers infuriated by US sanctions announced last week by Trump’s regime.

Venezuelan authorities and Chavista analysts have stated in recent days that it would be a mistake to capture Guaido and confront him with the long list of crimes he has committed, after several grassroot demonstrations demanded the government take that decision.

“One can not take action against a political corpse like Guaido, that is what he and the US are looking for in order to victimize him and give him traction and an aura of leadership now lacking even among most his radical followers,” said Miguel Angel Perez Pirela in a radio interview early today in Union Radio.

A handful of Guaido-aligned deputies went to the airport to welcome him but initiated a media show involving some journalists, some National Guard and the anti-Guaido crowds protesting his lack of patriotism in begging abroad for more radical US sanctions.

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The extreme-right Guaido bench called for a street assembly or demonstration in the “Plaza Bolivar” of Chacao with all the deputies that still support Guaido, but at the time we finished this edition we found little evidence of their success.

The only documentary evidence we could find is a video showing Guido’s arrival to his condo in the east of Caracas and another from the Bolivar square in Chacao more than half empty around 7:15 pm (Caracas time).

The lack of relevance of Guaido today in Venezuela might be synthesized by a humorist video spread via twitter by a Chavista account, @1ChavistaMaduro, making a video parody of the alleged landing in Venezuela of Guaido using the US presidential helicopter known as #MarineOne.

Featured image: Meme of Guaido supposedly entering Venezuela as Naruto to avoid being caught by Conviasa workers


"You are a Disgrace, You are a Traitor": This is How Guaido was "Welcomed" Upon his Arrival - "New Round of US Sanctions Tour 2020" (Videos + Images + Humor)