Ambassador Moncada: Trump Starts Higher Stage of Aggression Against Venezuela

The Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Samuel Moncada, denounced the government of Donald Trump for organizing a higher phase to attack Venezuela through a pressure campaign that will no longer depend on economic pressure but rather a military one.

On his Twitter account, Moncada explained that the United States will seek to surprise Venezuela next October, weeks before its presidential elections take place, in turn the ambassador warned that Venezuela must prepare “for the provocation in the making.”

“Trump begins a higher phase of aggression against Venezuela. The ‘maximum pressure’ campaign goes beyond economic terrorism and moves to the military dimension. They look for the ‘October surprise’ thinking on their presidential elections. In Venezuela we must be prepared,” he wrote.

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He revealed, through the publication of a video, how Trump and his spokesmen intend to use the economic blockade as a mechanism to weaken Venezuela before applying the military invasion.

In the video footage, the Chief of the Southern Command, Admiral Craig Faller, said that “the key is to put more pressure on the financial front and prevent the money from flowing. We work hard in that area (…) We are supporting all our inter-institutional and international partners.”

The Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN added that it is the armies of Colombia and Central America that will be in charge of executing the “military occupation” against the Venezuelan nation at the orders of the United States.

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“Washington propaganda organs already promote the invading multinational force of Venezuela. Stabilization must be done with military occupation but without the visible presence of the US in the front row. It is the armies of Colombia and Central America that will do the dirty work,” he wrote.

According to Faller, 22 countries are being lined up to invade Venezuela. “Duque and the Colombian military are already training military personnel in Central America preparing multinational forces from subordinate countries. What is coming has been in the making for years,” Moncada wrote.

He said that the invasion plans are underway against Venezuela. “Trump is going to Bogotá to heat the border before the US elections. They announce that they will support Duque in a military attack against a non-existent terrorist threat. They meet this week and the provocation is imminent,” Moncada said.

“Trump knows that the invasion of Venezuela must be indirect, with the use of the Colombian army as disposable manpower. A ‘multinational stabilization force for the transition’ is the term used by his propaganda,” Moncada tweeted.

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