CNE Published the List of Voting Poll Members for 6-D Parliamentarians

Citizens can access the CNE website to verify if they were selected as voting poll members or call 0-800CNE-00.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) published the list on its website with the selected names of the voting poll members who will serve in the parliamentary elections on December 6.

The election was held on July 23 in the presence of the representatives of the 107 organizations for political purposes in the nation.

The previously audited automated system was used, in which the head of the National Office of Subaltern Electoral Organizations, Luis Piedra, and the general director of Information Technologies, Marlon Montilla, who followed up on the guidelines set forth in the electoral schedule, were present, detailed the Union Radio web site this Wednesday, July 29.

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Citizens can go to the following link to verify if they are members:

They can also do it by calling 0-800CNE-00.

Recently, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Indira Maira Alfonzo, stressed that the electoral schedule for the National Assembly elections runs “with complete normality, adhering to the principles of impartiality, pluralism and democracy.”

Mandatory service

In Venezuela, the electoral service is compulsory, unless the selected person has any of the following characteristics and then may contest the election before the entity:

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– Having any mental, health or legal disability, duly certified by the competent authorities.

– Being a candidate for a popular election.

– Holding a management position in an organization for political purposes.

– Is fulfilled in the development of its functions, directives and instructions of an organization with political aims or of a candidate.

– You have publicly stated your preference in favor of one organization for political purposes or to a candidate.

– You have a link due to your occupation with a candidate.

– Those who unjustifiably fail to comply with the Mandatory Electoral Service will be sanctioned with fines equivalent to fifteen Tax Units (15 UT) and fifty Tax Units (50 UT) or proportional arrest, at the rate of one day per Tax Unit.

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