Comprehensive Audit of Venezuela’s Voting System Begins Today—21N Regional Elections

Today, Monday June 14, the Comprehensive Audit of the Automated Voting System of Venezuela began, one of 16 audits of the National Electoral Council to certify the system’s transparency and preparedness ahead of the November 21 elections.

According to information from the CNE, posted by rector Tania D’Amelio on her Twitter account, this process consists of reviewing all the components that make up the Automated Electoral System (SAE) and will be developed in four phases:

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1- Voting machine software: review of the software of the voting machine and all the necessary tools for its configuration and operation.

2- Counting software: review of the different applications that make up the counting software for the tabulation of votes, and the applications involved in its operation.

3- Fingerprint analysis.

4- Hardware: visual inspection of the physical components (equipment) of the voting machine and the comprehensive authentication device.

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Ten academics and scientists with a high level of technical accreditation in their fields participate in the audit, working closely with electoral specialists from the CNE. They will thoroughly certify the operation of each of the components that make up the SAE.

The audit, which will be carried out at the CNE headquarters until July 26, is the first of its kind, and its main objective is to generate confidence in the Automated Voting System, through a methodology that will allow the review of each of the components that comprise it, in order to verify its correct operation and transparency.



Featured image: Slideshow presented to the press about the comprehensive audit of the Venezuelan voting system. Image courtesy of @taniadamelio.

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