Electronic Payment Card Now in Use for Caracas Metro

As planned, this Monday, March 1, the sale of electronic payment cards for the Caracas Metro System began. According to the Minister of Transportation Hipólito Abreu, the launch was successful despite complaints from some users who claimed there weren’t enough sale points, or about vending machines not functioning.

“The sale of electronic payments cards has been successfully started at @metro_caracas,” Abreu posted on twitter. “The system was developed with national engineering to further advance the digital economy. The card includes 20 trips, the recharge will have a value of 20 thousand Bs [bolivars] per trip.”

As of today users can purchase the Smart Card with 20 pre-loaded trips at a cost of Bs 900,000, payable using terminals, cash, Biopayment or cryptocurrencies.

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The card is available in the booths of the following subway stations: Chacaíto, Chacao, Altamira, Miranda, La California, Petare, Palo Verde, Propatria, Plaza Sucre, Gato Negro, Agua Salud, Capitolio, La Hoyada, Bellas Artes, Plaza Venezuela, La Paz, Teatros, Rental Zone, La Bandera, El Valle, La Rinconada, La Yaguara, Antímano, Las Adjuntas and Zoologico.

Passengers will also have access to automated card-reading terminals to check their balance, according to Metro de Caracas officials.

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Simultaneously, this Monday the activation of the electronic fare payment system was also planned for the Ezequiel Zamora railway system, on the Valles del Tuy (Miranda)-Caracas line, also using the Carnet de la Patria and IFE Card.

The cost of the trip is 20 thousand bolivars, equivalent to approximately one US cent at the current exchange rate.

Over the course of the last several years the Caracas Metro system has witnessed a diminishment in efficiency—particularly the previous payment system. The illegal US blockade, bad management and corruption have affected the quality of the system. In addition, regular fare adjustments are needed to keep the system operational under the hyperinflation affecting the Venezuelan economy.


Featured image: New electronic payment card in the Caracas Metro. Photo courtesy of Metro de Caracas.

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