Kick Under the Table? Boris Johnson’s New Move to Seize Venezuelan Gold

The Venezuelan gold that remains locked in the vaults of the Bank of England is once again under threat of not being returned to Venezuela, as a result of new actions taken by Boris Johnson’s government. British Prime Minister Johnson, anticipating the outcome of the last stage of the litigation over the stolen assets, has reiterated that his administration does not recognize the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

A few hours before the hearings were to continue regarding Venezuela’s legal claim, demanding the return of about a billion dollars worth of the frozen asset, Johnson has launched a counter maneuver aimed at hindering the case of the claimant, the Central Bank of Venezuela.

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The gold, belonging to the State of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, was practically stolen by the UK in 2019, when the British authorities decided to question the electoral victory of President Nicolás Maduro, who was reelected in 2018.

The British administration has also made clear its political motives for imposing such an arbitrary measure, by refusing the assurance of the legitimate government of Venezuela that the gold will be used directly for acquisition of medicines and medical supplies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vulgar piracy?
The position adopted by Boris Johnson is obviously aimed at derailing the possibility of Venezuela regaining control of its gold reserve. In this way the British government is also trying to influence the decision of the relevant courts.

If the claim filed by the Venezuelan State gets rejected in the UK Supreme Court, it would imply a robbery similar to the one perpetrated by the Venezuelan extreme right, the United States government and the government of Colombia in regard to the companies CITGO and Monómeros.

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A statement issued by the British Foreign Ministry claims that “Guaidó is the only individual whose authority is recognized, to act on behalf of Venezuela as its head of state.”

It remains to be seen how Johnson’s new manuever may affect the Supreme Court’s decision, and how the latter will respond to the appeals of the Central Bank of Venezuela in defense of its 31 tons of gold that continue to be in the possession of the Bank of England.


Featured image: Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson. Photo: AFP/Getty Images 

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