Noam Chomsky: Joe Biden is a ‘Moderate Republican’ in the Wrong Party (Video)

Noam Chomsky, with more than 90 years of wisdom, did not need long to conclude bluntly that Joe Biden is the same thing as Trump.

The US intellectual defined—applying elementary formulas of North American bipartisanship—the elderly president as nothing more than a “moderate Republican,” or a conservative in the wrong party.

With regard to foreign policy, Biden is the continuation of the strategies of Trump, serving as an example to clarify that the interventionist diplomacy of that nation is not an issue that separates Republicans and Democrats, but a vocation that unites them in what they perversely call “bipartisan politics.”

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Noam Chomsky expressed these ideas during a webinar organized by the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research, and the Simón Bolívar Institute of the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza also participated.

The issue of sanctions was not “blocked” from the discussion, as it is essential to understanding the heart of the White House’s foreign policy.

Washington is a mafia
For the US intellectual, the policy of financial harassment promoted by his country is a mechanism that “tries to torture the population” of those countries that do not adhere to Washington’s geopolitics.

With his professorial aura, using easily digestible metaphors to make the most complex issues understood, Chomsky compared the US to the Godfather of the mafia that extorts those who do not submit to its interests.

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This gangster behavior is applied precisely against vulnerable victims, recalled Chomsky, reviewing the victims of this blockade operation and collective suffering in countries such as Cuba, Iran, Syria, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Although the analogy may seem provocative to some, Chomsky addressed the viciousness of the US performance as a crime that far exceeds Hitler’s holocaust. He recalled that the extermination of the Nazi leader annihilated some six million Jews, while the victims of US sanctions would be exponentially more.

Regarding the case of Venezuela, Foreign Minister Arreaza stressed that Washington’s unilateral and coercive measures over the last six years have subjected the country “to an aggression unparalleled in our history.”


Featured image: Venezuelan chancellor, Jorge Arreaza in a webinar with Noam Chomsky on Monday, March 29. Photo courtesy of RedRadioVE.

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