Peaceful Protesters Violently Repressed in California but US Concerned Only About Cuba (#SOSUSA)

In recent days, the United States government has fixed its gaze on Havana and “asked” the revolutionary government to “listen to its people.” Meanwhile, in the city of Los Angeles, brutal police repression is a recurring and increasing problem, most recently against a peaceful transgender demonstration of unarmed, non-violent civilians.

The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, denounced this Monday, July 19, that recent small protests in Cuba were a “provocation by the United States to destabilize the country,” as the BBC quoted on its website.

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Meanwhile, in the videos below, posted on Twitter by @waterspider_ ,  @VPS_Reports, and @JoshuaPotash, social media users saw how Los Angeles police in full riot gear violently charged a small group of counter-demonstrators who confronted a larger group of anti-LGBTQ protesters. The disproportionate use of violence occurred near the Wi Spa in Koreatown, Los Angeles, where an anti-LGBTQ hate incident was recently reported. After asking police to lower their weapons, a demonstrator was shot at point-blank range with a rubber bullet.

“The US has carried out policies of economic suffocation in order to provoke social outbursts, misunderstandings and dissatisfaction on the island, ” said the Cuban president in repudiation of US interference in Cuba. Díaz-Canel did not dwell on the fake news operation launched by US mainstream media, exposed by numerous journalists, or the use of social media accounts to magnify the size of the protests in Cuba, or the Twitter bot operation exposed by the Spanish expert Julian Macias.

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Ironically, while intolerance, police brutality, and human rights violations reigns in the US, President Joe Biden called on the “Cuban regime to hear their people and serve their needs at this vital moment rather than enriching themselves,” as reported by the BBC.

This Saturday, July 17, Los Angeles local media reported two demonstrations by the transgender community, in which activists demanded respect for their rights. A woman was injured after the police shot her with an anti-riot shotgun, and the others were viciously attacked with batons.

In previous weeks there were also other confrontations against this community, which claims to be ignored by the Executive, according to NBC. Meanwhile Biden remains silent on these domestic issues but choses to continue sticking his nose into Cuba’s affairs, thereby writing another chapter in the long awaited, and repeatedly failed, US overthrow of the Cuban Revolution.


Featured image: Police in full riot gear in front of a small peaceful protest defending transgender peoples’ rights in LA, California. Photo courtesy of the New York Post.

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