Plan Republic Fine-Tunes Last Details for 6D Parliamentary Elections

Vladimir Padrino López, the Venezuelan Minister for Defense, reported this Friday that the Republic Plan is fine-tuning the last details for the security of the electoral process.

Through his account on the social network Twitter, he highlighted, “Operation Republic (Operación República in Spanish) in motion! Everything is going well.” This was posted from a meeting with the military high command.

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Venezuela started the implementation of the Plan Republic last Tuesday. This procedure is a set of actions that involves the defense and security forces of the country to guarantee the logistics for the whole electoral event in coordination with the CNE, and also to ensure peaceful condition for proper exercise of the citizens’ right to vote in the electoral processes.

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Additionally, a total of 108,622 civil servants from various law enforcement and security agencies will be deployed in 2,369 security districts (quadrants) distributed throughout the country in support of the Operation Republic 2020, in view of the parliamentary elections to be held today, December 6.

Plan Republic is usually looked upon cautiously by foreigners afraid of the bad reputation that military bodies have around the world, but in case of Venezuela this military deployment is part of the democratic life of the Caribbean country. It is framed within the Electoral Law and has been implemented for more than five decades.


Featured image: Photo courtesy of @vladimirpadrino.

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