Venezuela to Begin Mass Production of DR10 Molecule and ‘Miraculous JGH Droplets’

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that it will start the mass production of drugs containing the DR10 molecule and the “miraculous José Gregorio Hernández droplets,” to increase their use in the treatment of patients with COVID-19.

Dr. José Gregorio Hernandez was a venerated Venezuelan medical doctor who died at the beginning of the twentieth century. The Vatican granted him the title of Venerable in 1985, and in June 2020 Pope Francis ordered his beatification. Many Catholic Venezuelans suffering health issues pray to “José Gregorio” for their recovery.

“In January we are going to start mass-producing the DR10 molecule and the José Gregorio Hernández miracle drops to combat COVID-19,” Maduro said during an address held this Sunday from the Miraflores Palace, where he was accompanied by the members of the Presidential Committee for the Monitoring and Control of the pandemic, headed by the Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez.

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There is limited information about the “miracle drops” of José Gregorio Hernández but according to local media they are at Phase 3 of clinical tests in Venezuela. It is an “absolutely natural” antiviral that is yielding “wonderful” results, said Maduro, who showed a bottle of the drops that “have saved 100 percent of the patients who have ingested it.” According to local reports, for the last three months it has been included in the official therapeutic scheme in Venezuela.

“You can have faith in the miraculous droplets, your body will be fine. They eliminate COVID-19, “said Maduro on October 14, referring to the recovery of Minister of Agricultural Production and Lands Castro Soteldo, who “was cured thanks to that magical remedy.”

The Head of State pointed out that these actions are part of the national government’s efforts to guarantee quality care for all COVID-19 patients and reduce mortality rates. Venezuela’s death rate is currently among the world’s lowest.

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Maduro also repeated that this Monday the radical seven-day quarantine begins, in order to contain the increase in cases registered in the past few weeks.

“A greater increase in active cases is expected for the next weeks of January, which is why the Presidential Commission for Prevention against COVID-19 recommends reinforcing preventive biosecurity measures and restarting the 7 + 7 reopening scheme,” said the report prepared by the Presidential Commission.

The national leader emphasized the importance of complying with biosecurity and physical distancing measures, for which he asked Venezuelans to “take good care of themselves.”

“Tomorrow, I ask you from my heart, for seven days of radical necessary quarantine,” urged Maduro. “Now we are going to take care of ourselves. There’s a long way to go to control the coronavirus and reach the new normal.”


Featured image: Photo courtesy of Prensa Presidencial.

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